Coffee Subscriptions

Receive a fresh bag of B-Cups Coffee weekly or monthly at a discounted rate!
  • Select your blend

    Browse our coffee collection and choose one of our 8 delicious blends listed below. Be sure to select either Ground Coffee or Whole Bean.

  • Choose your interval

    On the product page, click the Subscribe & Save option and select the subscription interval you'd like to sign up for (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

  • Place your order

    Add the product to your cart, select your preferred shipping method and proceed through checkout as usual to begin your subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your coffee subscription service work?

Our coffee subscription service allows you to choose your preferred coffee blends and delivery frequency. Once you subscribe, we'll ship it directly to your doorstep on a schedule that suits your preference.

Can I customize my coffee subscription?

Absolutely! You can customize your subscription by selecting your favorite coffee blend, grind size (whole bean or ground), and the quantity you'd like to receive with each delivery.

Am I locked into a commitment or contract once I subscribe?

No, there's no long-term commitment or contract required. You have the flexibility to pause, modify, or cancel your subscription at any time through your account dashboard. We want to make sure you're always in control of your coffee deliveries!

How often will I receive my coffee shipments?

You can choose your preferred delivery frequency based on your own coffee consumption habits. We offer both weekly and monthly options which can be selected during purchase.

What day of the week or month will I receive my shipment?

Your coffee shipment date will always be based upon the day of the week/month you submitted the initial order.

What are the benefits to signing up for a B-Cups Coffee subscription?

When you sign up for a B-Cups Coffee subscription, not only will you keep receiving delicious coffee to your door at a discounted rate, but most importantly, proceeds of all your orders will continue to be donated to Susan G. Komen® in the fight against breast cancer.

Will I get access to a customer portal where I can modify or cancel my subscription?

Yes! Once you become a subsciber, you will have full control of your subscription. You can follow your email confirmation or log in to your account directly on our website to view, manage, pause or cancel your subscription.