Our Mission

Welcome to B-Cups Coffee, where every sip makes a difference! We are not just passionate about crafting exceptional coffee; we’re on a mission to brew hope and support for a cause close to our hearts – breast cancer research.

At B-Cups Coffee, we believe that great coffee has the power to do more than just awaken your senses; it has the ability to create positive change. Inspired by the strength, resilience, and courage of those affected by breast cancer, we founded our company with a purpose – to fuel not only your mornings but also the fight against breast cancer.

What sets B-Cups Coffee apart is our commitment to making a meaningful impact. A portion of every sale goes directly to Susan G. Komen® whose mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer. By choosing B-Cups Coffee, you’re not just indulging in a delightful coffee experience; you’re joining us in the fight against breast cancer.

Our Commitment

  • Quality

    We are dedicated to delivering the finest coffee experiences. Every batch is roasted with precision to ensure a memorable cup of coffee.

  • Transparency

    We believe in transparency and accountability. We’ll keep you informed about the impact of your contribution to breast cancer research.

  • Community

    B-Cups Coffee is more than just a coffee brand; it’s a community of individuals and organizations coming together to make a positive change. Join us, and let’s create a world where every cup of coffee counts.

Our Story

    Our Story

    In the heart of our family’s journey lies the inspiration for B-Cups Coffee – a tribute to the indomitable spirit of our beloved Aunt Dee. Her courageous battle against breast cancer sparked the inception of a venture that contributes to the fight against this formidable disease.

    Aunt Dee, a beacon of strength, love, and inspiration, was instrumental in the genesis of B-Cups Coffee. Long before it became a reality, B-Cups Coffee was merely a shared dream among family members and friends. Aunt Dee was there from the very beginning, embracing the idea with open arms and unwavering enthusiasm. Committed to raising awareness for breast cancer, Aunt Dee first introduced us to her regional affiliate of Susan G. Komen® and participated in our inaugural meeting many years ago. 

    Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998, Aunt Dee courageously faced this disease multiple times over the next 25 years, spending an astonishing total of 15 years in her unrelenting battle against this unseen enemy. Tragically, on October 2, 2023, we lost our Aunt Dee and our families’ lives were forever changed. Her journey was one of resilience, strength, courage, and an unwavering spirit that left an unforgettable mark on our hearts.

    In the midst of grief, we developed a newfound inspiration to finish our mission on creating something meaningful and impactful that can carry on the legacy of our Aunt Dee, and all other lives lost to this devastating disease, while making a positive impact in the fight against breast cancer. Thus, B-Cups Coffee was officially born – a testament to love, loss, and the power of turning pain into purpose.

    B-Cups Coffee is more than just a coffee company; it’s a tribute to the countless individuals and families who have faced the challenges of breast cancer, and a celebration of strength that unites us all. At the core of our commitment is the memory of those we have lost and the courage of those who continue to fight. B-Cups Coffee was founded with the belief that each cup poured carries the potential to make a meaningful impact and our dedication to this cause is a reflection of our values and a promise to contribute to a brighter, healthier future.

    With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Susan G. Komen®. This partnership allows us to support groundbreaking breast cancer research, provide assistance to patients and their families navigating the challenges of this aggressive and deadly adversary, and raise awareness on a global scale.

    With each sip of our carefully crafted coffee, you join us in raising our cups to the fighters, the survivors, and the memories of those we hold dear. In the heart of our mission is a dedication to turning moments of shared joy over coffee into a force for positive change. We invite you to be a part of our journey – a journey where each sip is a toast to resilience, remembrance, hope, and a shared commitment to creating a world where breast cancer is no longer a threat. Every purchase you make is not just a choice for exceptional coffee; it’s a contribution to a cause that transcends the boundaries of our mugs and reaches into the hearts of those affected by breast cancer.

    Thank you for choosing B-Cups Coffee and being a part of our story! Together, let’s brew hope and awareness, one cup at a time.