Our Coffee

We take pride in delivering a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary, bringing you the finest beans and ingredients from around the world, expertly roasted to perfection. Our commitment to excellence starts with the careful selection of these beans from the most renowned coffee regions, ensuring that each one contributes to the unique and rich flavor profile that defines B-Cups Coffee. 

Our master roasters bring decades of experience to the art of coffee roasting. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we meticulously roast each batch to unlock the full potential of the beans, resulting in a harmonious blend of aroma, acidity, and body.

Explore our range of carefully crafted blends, each designed to cater to the diverse palate of coffee enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a bold and robust dark roast or a smooth and balanced medium roast, our selection has something to satisfy every coffee lover.


  • Pink Ribbon Blend

    Full Body, Aromatic & Balanced

    A blend of the richest coffee from the world's finest South American regions. Known for its exceptional flavor profile, this coffee is characterized by a smooth, full-body experience, bright acidity, and a well-balanced taste.

  • Blissful Blend

    Mild, Smooth & Hints of Nuttiness

    A festival of single-origin coffee blended from around the world. It is a beautiful balance of wine, caramel, and hints of nutty flavors ranging from Central America, South America, Africa, and Indonesia. This coffee is roasted to perfection, achieving an intense full-body flavor and superb aroma.

  • Mediterranean

    Bold, Balanced & Soothing

    Mediterranean coffee that is strong and thick is enjoyed with a touch of sweetness that creates a distinctive and culturally diverse coffee experience. A well-balanced coffee that delivers a full body cup without the bitterness.

  • Columbian Dark

    Deep, Rich & Robust

    Sourced from the renowned mountains in Columbia, this coffee boasts rich, intense notes with a hint of smokiness. Accentuating the natural earthiness and cocoa undertones inherent in Columbian coffee, this coffee creates a deep and satisfying experience. 

  • Island Roast

    Caramel, Vanilla & Coffee Liqueur

    A smooth and aromatic brew that captures the laid-back essence of the Caribbean. This coffee offers an indulgent island-time experience by combining bold and rich hints of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of rum coffee liqueur.

  • French Vanilla

    Bold, Decadent & Creamy Vanilla

    A velvety cup of coffee that appeals to those who prefer the sweetness and desire for a luxurious and comforting coffee experience. French Vanilla is a timeless favorite, providing a deliciously satisfying taste.

  • Dee's Decaf

    Decaffeinated, Smooth & Sweet

    Sourced from the renowned coffee regions of Brazil, this decaffeinated blend of coffee is roasted to achieve a full-body cup of coffee while showcasing Brazil's reputation for quality coffee beans.

  • Drink Pink

    Pink & Creamy White Hot Chocolate

    Drink Pink is B Cups Coffee's very own classic white hot chocolate. Enjoy the comforting warmth and delightful strawberry sweetness of this decadent drink.

B-Cups Coffee is proud to donate 5% of the retail sales price for each product sold, directly to Susan G. Komen in our partnership to fight breast cancer.